Sweet Tea & Sass

There’s a cross on your wall, though you curse like a sailor,

And a sparkle in your eyes that could con a jailer

Sweet Tea with lunch, Gin with dinner

Prayers at night because you know you’re a sinner

Mud on your boots but not a wrinkle on your dress

You, sweet girl, are a hot Southern mess

You’re fluent in sass, which comes with a twang,

and know every wildflower by it’s country nickname

You’re a lady at heart and you’d never start a fight,

but you’ll sure finish it because you’ll fight for what’s right

You’re your dad’s biggest worry but your momma’s pride and joy

and you can handle a bucking horse well as any boy

Society’s rules never quite seem to fit,

Cause you lead with your heart and speak with your wit

Sometimes you wonder what life has in store

but at least you know it’ll never be a bore

December 2017