So you’ve got a snow day…



This post is not one of my typical rants because I am in a truly fabulous mood today and I do not feel particularly bother by anything tangible enough to rant about (as much as I would love to try to tackle the increasing sense of doom we’ve all felt since the Presidential Election). Soooo, in honor of Winter Storm Grayson, here’s a list of things you can do on your snow day:

25 Ways to Enjoy the Fact that You’re Snowed In

  1. Build an epic fort. Buzzfeed has a handy-dandy 5-step guide here
  2. Make some snacks, like these tasty as hell looking pretzel bites from Hot for Food
  3. Make a pitcher of scrumptious winter sangria to go with them
  4. Or if booze isn’t your thing, try out one of these sugar-coma inducing hot chocolate recipes
  5. Watch awesome snow-day movies, like my personal favorites Snow Day and Serendipity
  6. Better yet, devote the day to having a Harry Potter marathon
  7. Make sock puppets and reenact the Harry Potter Puppet Pals. Post a video so your friends can enjoy it too
  8. By now you probably need more snacks, so head to the kitchen and whip up some Avocado Hummus Taquitos or sushi
  9. Don’t forget to hydrate. This cider sounds heavenly.
  10. Write snail-mail letters to friends and get creative with the envelopes
  11. Take the leftover socks from your puppets and make a hand warmer to keep you toasty
  12. Plan a road trip you’ll take once the weather warms up. This list has tons of awesome apps to help you out
  13. Venture outside and build a super cool igloo like this one (see what I did there? hahaha)
  14. Might as well build a snowman or snowlady while you’re out there too
  15. Too cold to go outside? Can’t get out your front door because of a massive snow drift? Make this play snow instead
  16. Wanna be a little more productive (I don’t, but I don’t know what y’all are in to)? Take a stab at cleaning out your closet using this nifty guide
  17. If you’re on an organizing kick now, go ahead and work on your pantry too.
  18. Now that you’ve thoroughly tuckered yourself out playing and cleaning, take a little time to relax with a homemade face mask from the brilliant mind of Dear Chrissy
  19. While your face mask sets, mix a little body scrub to slough off all that dry winter skin
  20. About this time you probably need a something to satisfy your sweet tooth, so head to the kitchen for a quick treat 
  21. What’s a champion like you with newly glowing skin and a sugar high supposed to do now? Make a music video of course!
  22. Not feeling creative enough to make a whole video? Download a karaoke app like this one and sing it out
  23. Next, make and complete your own obstacle course out of stuff around the house. Bonus points if you do this while tipsy from your tasty drinks earlier.
  24. Not challenging enough? Play one of these crazy fun board game inspired drinking games first
  25. You’ve had a seriously eventful snow day! Guess what’s left on this list? That’s right! Take yourself a well-earned nap in your fort.

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