Engl 706 Timeline

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.02.27 PM


When I was five, my family bought our first computer. KidPix was arguably one of my first design experiences.


Sometime in the 8th grade, I started formatting essays in Word and presentations in Powerpoint


Freshman and sophomore year I joined my high school’s environmental ad campaign and designed banners using Photoshop


In my junior year of high school, I took my first web design class and learned basic HTML


During the second semester of junior year and the first of my senior year, I became really interested in marketing. I gained experience in logo development, ad campaign design, and typography (I did a project on the history of Helvetica)


I earned my BA in Creative Writing at CNU in 2013. At CNU, I took more serious classes geared at web design and marketing before switching my major from business to English writing. I took my first technical writing class (document design, white space, etc.)


I started my first professional job (by minimum wage!) as a research assistant for NASA Langley’s Office of Education. In addition to creating rather dry technical writing reports on studies, I also developed infographics and ads for their STEM and Space Camp campaigns (note the super cool, cheesy photo of me on the tarmac).


I am currently working on my MA in Professional Writing, with a focus on the transition from written communication to digital, which led me to take this visual rhetoric class.



One thought on “Engl 706 Timeline

  1. It is difficult to escape the attraction of the first computer or first program, so I enjoy seeing those images of early programs. My children were fascinated by the Magic School Bus video game that we had on CD-ROM. The colors were brilliant, like the ones you show with Kid Pix.


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