Engl 706 February 16th Artifact

This week’s readings were all centered around visual arguments and hidden messages in advertisements and art. While reading, I remembered an ad I saw in my high school marketing class (I cannot believe that was 10 years ago Shocked-Emoji.png). The ad, featured below, is from a corporation focused on helping countries in need called Cordaid. The ad stayed with me because I often see people complain about how no one is helping the poor or how it costs too much to offer aid, all while buying their third latte of the day or sporting a new handbag (like the one below). We’re all guilty of it, even if we don’t mean to. Though Blair might not see this ad as a visual argument (or maybe he would, he seemed to flip-flop on the topic), there is a hidden element here I think our other authors this week would appreciate. The model pose, the focus on color, the subtle but deliberately placed font.The ad does not verbally point out the viewer’s privilege, but all the same I cannot help but feel guilty when looking at this ad, and I even try to avoid purchasing frivolous items for this very reason.  The designer doesn’t have to spell it out for you because you can see the problem and call for help clearly. The organization’s number placement stands out to me as well. It is exactly where your eye looks last.



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