Engl 706 Project Idea

For some reason my earlier post did not save, so I am attempting to put this up again (fingers crossed!). Since I am interesting in pursuing a career in journalism, I would like to approach my project in an editorial or reporting standpoint (video). The effects recent budget cuts will have on our National Parks, NASA, and the environment concern me greatly and I would like to shed light on how current political figures (cough cough) are going to have a severe impact on science and on the planet as a whole. The pictures posted below are from a recent trip I took to Chincoteague and Assateague, two islands that have been close to heart since my time growing up in Onancock. The islands represent many honorable pursuits, from cleaning up and preserving the Chesapeake Bay and the roughly 3,600 species that live there to the incredible discoveries made possible by the Wallops Flight Center. All of the above in are great danger right now because there is a large push right now to ignore them. I would like alert the peninsula how close this problems really are to home and how important it is to preserve these areas and the environmental science that goes on here.  Education is also at stake here, as Wallops and the park rangers in charge of the islands work hard to involve the community, particularly school children, in learning about and supporting our planet.

One thought on “Engl 706 Project Idea

  1. The pictures work as support of your argument about budget cuts and the resulting effect on environmental sustainability, loss of habitat, and diminished beauty of natural resources. It is still refreshing to see local activists. I’m certain Dr. R has pointed you to some sources with a journalist’s perspective. I look forward to seeing the progress you make on this project.


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