Case Study #2 Outline

Theory 1: Venting & CHAT?

  • People use their profile pictures as a way to “vent”
    • Pictures can include political messages/images, pictures from the past (old baby photos), and personal emotion (pictures of one crying, gesturing, screaming)
  • CHAT
    • Literate Activity
      • Representation & Reception (what people post to represent themselves and how those images are taken)
      • Activity
    • Functional Systems
      • People (obvious)
      • Communities: people are connected through Facebook & through their profile photos
    • Laminated Chronotopes
      • Represented


Theory 2: Foucault

  • Discourse
    • How society communicates (Through profile pictures)
  • Continuities & Discontinuities
    • How one’s profile pictures change over time, based on aging and maturing
  • Subject Position:
    • One’s role within the discourse and network, which changes as one ages and matures (or as viewpoints changed based on life experiences)

2 thoughts on “Case Study #2 Outline

  1. Adrienne, I will be interested to see how these two theories work together since it seems like they are interested in such different things. What do you think one theory allows you to think about that the other doesn’t and vice versa? What are the nodes in one theory versus the other? It seems like contrasting these theories might be an effective strategy. If I’m honest, laminated chronotypes still confuse me–so I’m definitely looking forward to your analysis to see this concept in action. In terms of Foucault and the idea of discontinuities, we often talk about profiles as curating a specific narrative of a person’s persona. I wonder how Foucault’s method might challenge the notion of trying to find a coherent narrative/persona and instead help us think about the various contexts and influences shaping a profile which might at times seem inconsistent or discontinuous.


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