Case Study Theory Rubric

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.02.38 PM


The theorist is clearly identified as Foucault and the theory is explained in excellent detail. I would assign this case study a 4 for theory.

Theoretical Understanding:

Laurie makes it well known that genre theory would have been better suited for her case study than Foucault, outlining the Foucauldian analysis’s limitations. Despite these limitations, Laurie shows mastery of the theory by highlighting the theory’s key attributes and existing application.  Because the case study includes all of these elements, I would assign a 4 for theoretical understanding as well.

Application to OoS:

The OoS is clearly identified in the first paragraph as the interviews of notable academics. Laurie fully applies a  Foucauldian analysis to these interviews and notes why certain aspects of the analysis, such as issues with discourse application, were not entirely helpful when completing the study. I would give Laurie a 4 in this category as well.


Overall, Laurie crafted a well-researched and clearly explained case study. I did not find any inconsistencies when judging the case study by my rubric, which leaves Laurie with a 12, the highest possible scoring. If you would like to read Laurie’s case study as well, and I encourage you to do so, you can find it here.


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