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Hey there! I’m Adrienne Kubat, aspiring author, pet mom, office manager, and social media editor , and this is my blog. I always feel like starting these things out like a dating profile, so: I’m a vegan Aquarian Hufflepuff who thinks editing documents and images is fun, volunteers whenever I can, and likes to go on spontaneous adventures that often fuel the writing you will see here. I am currently wrapping up my M.A. in Professional Writing at ODU (Go Monarchs!) and hold a B.A. in Creative Writing with a minor in Literature from CNU (Once a Captain, Always a Captain!). I work for an amazing company writing press releases, managing social media accounts, and scrolling through Pinterest when my coffee’s worn off and I need a mental break from technical reports. I will potentially have my first published work released in January, so be on the look out if you like what you see here. Thanks for stopping by!

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